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Phrasal Verb Dictionary: D

Phrasal verbs are a common English verb form that consist of a verb followed by a p-word that functions as a particle. To learn more about some of the most common phrasal verbs in the English language, click on a letter in the following menu to browse the Phrasal Verb Dictionary in alphabetical order.



Note: When a word entry includes a p-word enclosed in parentheses, the phrasal verb is a phrasal-prepositional verb.

Phrasal Verb Definition Category Example
dawn on be realized inseparable transitive The answer to my problem dawned on me.
deliver on complete successfully inseparable transitive He always delivers on his promises.
diddle around waste time intransitive He diddle around instead of finishing his homework.
die away diminish intransitive The party died away by midnight.
die down diminish intransitive The controversy died down last week.
die off become extinct intransitive The dodo bird died off centuries ago.
die out become extinct intransitive The native species died out after the introduction of foreign plants.
dig in start, begin intransitive Dig in before the food gets cold.
dig into start, begin inseparable transitive She dug into the problem immediately.
dig up discover something new separable transitive The PI dug up some new information.
disagree with cause to feel sick inseparable transitive Beans disagree with me.
dive in start, begin intransitive Dive in before the soup gets cold.
dive into start, begin inseparable transitive She dove into the problem immediately.
divide off separate separable transitive Divide the room off into fourths.
divide up separate separable transitive The judges divided the prize up.
divvy out separate, share separable transitive He will divvy the proceeds from the sale out.
divvy up separate, share separable transitive He will divvy the proceeds from the sale up.
do away with abolish inseparable intransitive The administration should do away with the conservative dress code.
do in make extremely tired, destroy, kill separable transitive Any more bad news will do me in.
do over repeat separable transitive Do the report over.
do up fasten, secure, improve separable transitive Do up your shoelace before you trip.
doll up make fancier separable transitive She dolled herself up before the party.
double back turn around and repeat intransitive The hikers doubled back after hearing a strange cry.
doze off fall asleep intransitive The old man dozed off in his chair.
drag down make feel bad separable intransitive He always drags me down.
draw in become involved separable transitive The nightlife drew me in.
draw on continue intransitive The speech drew on forever.
draw up create separable transitive I can draw a new contract up immediately.
dream up create, invent separable transitive She dream up a new product during the meeting.
dredge up mention something unpleasant from the past separable transitive He dredged up a difficult time in my life.
dress down dress casually intransitive Employees may dress down on weekends.
dress up dress elegantly intransitive Grandma always dresses up for church.
drift off gradually fall asleep intransitive The baby drifted off to the lull of traffic.
drink to celebrate something inseparable transitive I will drink to that!
drive back repel, repulse separable transitive The army drove the enemy back.
drone on talk incessantly intransitive The teacher often drones on during lectures.
drone on about talk incessantly about something inseparable intransitive She droned on about her boring trip to the mall.
drop by visit intransitive Feel free to drop by any time.
drop in visit unexpectedly intransitive My uncle dropped in yesterday morning.
drop in on visit unexpectedly inseparable transitive My uncle dropped in on use yesterday morning.
drop out quit intransitive Our second partner dropped out after our first failure.
drop out of quit inseparable transitive She dropped out of the race.
drown out prevent from hearing or noticing separable transitive The jackhammers drowned out the sound of traffic.
drum up increase interest in something separable transitive Can you drum up some support?
dry up disappear, vanish intransitive My desire to participate has dried up.
dwell on think, speak, or write about at length inseparable transitive Do not dwell on the past.


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